When does istihadha start, is it before or after the 10th day?

And also, what's the huqm for a woman whose menstruation stops half a day or a whole day and then continues but in much lower amount. Does this case count as istihadha if it happens after the 7th day?

Conditions of Haydh:
– Minimum days for Haydh is 3 and maximum is 10. Therefore if blood is seen for less than 3 days or more than 10 days then it is istihadha.
– The first three days of Haydh must be continuous (i.e 24 hours x 3) therefore if it starts in the morning then exactly 24 hours x 3 days, is your minimum number of days however if it starts at 10 in the night then on the third day, till sunset is when 3 days will end.
– During the first three days of Haydh, one must not be clean of blood even for 10 minutes. It is not a must for blood to be discharged continuously but the Haidh (woman going through the period of Haydh) must be unclean inside. Hence if she were to check with let's say a pieces of tissue or cotton the inside of her area from where blood is being discharged, the cotton or tissue must come out dirty.
– From the 4th to the 10th day if blood comes and goes then it is still counted as Haydh.