When the angels are made of light how can they drag the disbelievers in Hell fire? The angels & jinn can pass through anything so how can they pull or drag the humans?

Angel and Jinn are totally different from each other. According to Quran jinn are created from fire ( but not the same fire we use in our daily life) it could be an energy or heat which can’t be possible to be seen by human. But Angels are am absolute reality and free from any physical body. Angels are intellect and follow the commands of Allah so they have power to do what they have been commanded. But Jinns are the same as human with the difference of their physical nature. We have no such evidence that Jinn will drag human to hell while they themselves have to resurrected on the day of judgement. Now how they will be punished in the hell fire it’s up to Allah, He knows better but Angels are free from any mistake therefore there is no question arises about their punishment.