When the first drop of blood comes out his body all his sins are pardoned.

2. After martyrdom his head is placed upon the laps of two heavenly maids, who clean off dirt from his face and say -greeting to you, and he too reciprocates their greetings.

3. They dress him in Heavenly clothes.

4. The store keeper of Paradise present him different kinds of perfumes and good smells, so that he may select whatever desires.

5. At the time of martyrdom his place in Paradise is shown to him.

6. After the martyrdom his soul is addressed -you are free to move in the Paradise wherever you desire.

7. A martyr is allowed to witness God's Beauty, which brings a special sort of comfort for every prophet and martyr.

would the samw reward go for someone. who does jihad nafs? or is there a greater reward for it??

May be he will get more because there are many ahadith where masoomeen as called jihadunnafs is best form of the Jihad.
Rasul saw said Jihadunnafs is jihadul akbar and according Imam Ali is Afzalul Jihad is Jihadunnafs