Whenever us Shia want to talk about what happened at the door of Fatima and who was the one that initiated it, alot of nonshia Muslims start attacking and saying we shouldn't and they start disliking us even more. But we cant stop talking about what happened. It is our duty to share this and we have a right to send our shia narrative to the world. But whenever we mention them, it causes disunity among differents sects of Muslims, particularly sunni. And since the concept of unity is so important for us Muslims and also our duty to not cause disunity, how are we supposed to approach this? Because anytime we attempt to speak about the so called caliphs that called themselves "companions" of the Prophet, we get attacked even if we didn't mean to hurt them, but just speak of truth. How do we spread our narrative and truth and what happened to our beloved Imams in attempt to show people truth, like what happened at the door of Sayyida Fatima, without causing disunity among us Muslims? I am sorry this was a long question but its so sad that at times when we want to spread truth, we are attacked with all sorts of messages of causing disunity. May Allah hasten the Imams reappearance.

1- We must never avoid the truth and speaking the truth.

2- However, we must be wise in our approach. We must be creative and use soft methods to show other Muslims that Lady Fatima (a) was oppressed. Those Muslims revere those figures and are very sensitive about criticizing them, so we must use an academic approach using sources from their books to make our case.