While it is established that jamaat is better than individual prayers, I wish to seek your guidance for a crucial issue of praying in prime time.

By the taufeeq of Allah s.w.t, I have been able to perform my 5 daily prayers during their individual prime time windows for quite some time now. During afternoon, I usually come home from office for lunch so that I can perform jamaat with my wife and other relatives. However, my wife cooks food and reaches a level of anxiety due to hunger pangs and requests me to have food first and then pray together. I pay heed to her since I wish to earn the benefit of jamaat but within the prime time windows (zuhr and asr together however) and also not to miss khushu and khuzu in namaz due to hunger. The same happens during evening when I return home. My question is whether it is acceptable to delay prayers for all of these considered together:

1. Eating food

2. Still praying in fazeelat time

3. Taking benefit of jamaat prayers

There is no problem in such short delay, as long the prayer falls in fadheela period, and makes you more present in the prayer.