Why do we whisper during dhur and asr salah?

Does it matter if one recite surah ikhlas in 1st or 2nd rakat, for example the 2nd surah of 1st rakat is surah tawheed and second surah of second rakat is surah qadr or vice versa?

Why do we have to recite salah in arabic?
Why do we raise our hands when we say “allahu akbar”?

Why does the muazzin cover his ear with his hand when reciting adhan?

Why do people point “finger” when reciting a ziyarah after salah while others put their palm on their chest?

Is it true you are not supposed to have sleeves longer then your wrists and pants longer then your ankles? Or is that only for salafies?

Is blowing on hot food makrooh? And why?

Why do you sheiks do sujood on two thurbahs like one on top of another?

Turbans of sheik color does it matter, i know black is for sayyeds and white for regular sheiks but can a sheik wear a pink blue or red or green or any other color turban?

How does one choose his merja?

all kind of ahkaam have a logical reason but some reason we can know about that and some other we cant so dont follow the reason of ahkaam but follow the ahkaam
one of the reason that say imam sadiq a.s becouse magrib and isha was red in night so we should pray loudly because other people can follow you but zohr and asr in day so people will see you…