Why is it so easy to get a divorce for a man but not a woman unless she states she can divorce herself in her marriage contract? I’ve seen on different occasions when a woman is stuck in a marriage because her husband will not grant her a divorce. Why does it feel like a woman needs bunch of excuses as to why she wants a divorce and even then the religious leaders try to force the marriage to work? But if a man simply wants a divorce it’s so easy for him to leave his wife. If a woman is simply unhappy doesn’t she have the right to leave her husband?
I’ve seen a woman literally in a marriage where she is being hit by her spouse and the scholars still were reluctant to grant her a divorce, it took her a very long time to finally find someone who would grant her one. That seems entirely unfair, especially in abuse cases. Abuse or not why is it so difficult to allow women to divorce their husbands if they’re simply unsatisfied or unhappy with their relationships?

The question of why Allah has established His law in this way is not something we can answer. Only He knows the reason for it. Yet, He has provided provisions by which everyone would be protected, like you mentioned, a woman can take agency to divorce herself. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about these rights or they don’t consider including them in their marriage contract. As far as abuse is concerned, no one should live with it or tolerate it, and Islam has a strict policy against it. Once again, it is likely poor human implementation that does not protect the woman.