Why is it that you keep praying for a specific thing but you never get it be it a job or any such thing? Why is it that despite Allah knowing how desperately you need something, you never get it and end up feeling like he’s simply not answering? At times you try everything you can; pray 5 times, try avoiding all the bad deeds, try your best but still there’s no answer? Moreover, you don’t see how that specific thing can be bad for you in any way that Allah won’t grant you your wish.

Actually Allah decides what's good and bad for us and when we pray, if that is not good for us in long run (end result), he blesses us with an alternate that is surely useful for us. We may not be able to realise at that time.
Secondly , if we stop praying (dua) to Allah s.w.t, we may fall down from our present state ( which may be much better then falling down from that level). Please continue praying. One day you shall realise you have benefited from your duas inshAllah