Will Imam Mahdi (atfs) change the laws pertaining to slavery and right hand possessions when he reappears?

Sometimes it is quite uncomfortable when I contemplate some of the laws, even when applying context, compared to what I have been taught and what I hear on the pulpit. Like the great teachings of al Imam Zayn al Abideen (asws):

'The right of your slave (mamluk) is that you should know that he is the creature of your Lord, the son of your father and mother, and your flesh and blood. You own him, but you did- not make him; God made him. You did not create any one of his limbs, nor do you provide him with his sustenance; on the contrary, God gives you the sufficiency for that. Then He subjugated him to you, entrusted him to you, and deposited him with you so that you may be safeguarded by the good you give to him. So act well toward him, just as God has acted well toward you. If you dislike him, replace him, but do not torment a creature of God. And there is no strength save in God'

No, it doesn’t seem that he will change those laws. Those laws are mentioned in the Qur’an and so he won’t change them. However, the Imam will stop illegal forms of enslavement. Peace will spread around the world. Wars will end. The evil ones will be uprooted. Hence, there won’t be enslavement after his government settles and people submit to the path of goodness.

We know 100% that Allah is just and merciful, and all His laws are based on wisdom. We may not understand how His system exactly works, but we know it’s a just system.

If there will be slaves in the era of Imam Mahdi (a), then we know:

1- They will be justly enslaved, not unjustly
2- They will be treated well, based on justice. Their rights will be guaranteed
3- The Imam will encourage their owners to free them