Years ago I got a netflix subscription but Alhamdulillah when i got closer to God I saw no point of it and I told my siblings (who share netflix with me) that I no longer want to pay for this subscription. So my brother decided he’ll pay for it. I still use it sometimes but not to watch haram content, like for example i’ll go to the kids section. My question is: If my siblings watch something haram whether accidentally or not, am I also holding their sins? Like am I also getting the sins with them because i was the one who started the whole subscription?

There is nothing wrong with the subscription so long as what is been watch is halal.

It’s your duty to make it clear to your brother that he should watch only what is halal or else you will stop the subscription or not allow him to use it . Otherwise, you will have share of the sin if he watches Haram. Your duty is to make it clear to them. As to whether they listen to it or not it’s not your duty. Your responsibility is to convey a clear message of your stand