Yesterday I decided to learn about religions just to gain knowledge. I learn about Judaism, daoism, jainism, and Hinduism. I believed that if Islam is the true religion, then other religions won't make sense. But the concept of brahma in Hinduism made sense to me. The belief the the universe was always there, not that it was created. Now I am starting to question my faith.
So my questions:
1. Why would the universe need a creator if there's a possibility that it was always there?
2. How can you prove to me that Islam is the truth?

1- The universe is physical and has matter. It is bound by space and time. Hence, by the necessity of logic, it required an outside factor to bring it into existence. It could not have brought itself into existence because every effect needs a cause, and nothing can cause itself. For a more detailed analysis of this point, please see:

2- See this video at 48 minutes an onwards:

There is no doubt that various religions have a part of the truth, since many religions evolved from the message of previous prophets. But Islam is the final religion Allah revealed for humanity. I also recommend seeing the following: